Beyond the Built-In: Exploring the Advantages of Third-Party Uninstallers for Mac

Ishaan Rathi

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Are you someone who has about 40+ apps installed on their Mac computer but only uses 7-8 of them regularly? No, don’t feel ashamed because you are not the only one. A study on software habits has revealed that the average user keeps 51 installed applications while only using 15 of them regularly. And 10 of those apps out of 15 come pre-installed with macOS.

What does this mean? It means you are using a cluttered computer, and there’s lots of room for improvement. If you take proper steps, you won’t ever have to see the message saying, “Your disk is almost full.”

When it comes to uninstalling applications, you can easily use the macOS built-in installer. Although this is the go-to method among many Mac users, the method fails in terms of efficiency and thoroughness. Keep scrolling to know the limitations of the built-in uninstaller and the advantages of using third-party uninstallers.

What Are The Limitations Of The Built-In Uninstaller?

First and foremost, the built-in uninstaller is called Applications. This is where the apps are stored, and you can choose the app you no longer use to uninstall.

The built-in uninstaller is user-friendly and simple. But it doesn’t always remove all the files associated with the app. It may leave behind residual data and files associated with the uninstalled application, and this can take up a lot of space if not managed.

If you want to make sure all the files associated with the unnecessary application are removed, you can use a third-party Mac uninstaller. By using an advanced uninstaller with advanced features, you can automate the different steps of app removal and enhance your computing experience.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Third-Party Uninstallers?

The limitations of the in-built tool are addressed by third-party uninstallers. The key benefits are:

  • Advanced scanning techniques are helpful in the quick identification and removal of unwanted applications, including registry entries, residual files, and preferences.
  • Most of them allow users to uninstall selective components of an application so that the unwanted elements are removed, but the desired components remain.
  • Removal of stubborn applications that may resist removal via the built-in uninstaller.

Additionally, third-party uninstallers are packed with additional features, including detecting duplicate files, scanning files, and offering system cleanup tools.

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Roundup Of The Top Third-Party Uninstallers For Mac

  • MacKeeper 

MacKeeper is an application cleaner, and it removes software from the computer, including all the redundant files related to the application. The software is also used for removing plugins, widgets, browser extensions, etc.

The software comes with Duplicate Finder and Safe Cleanup features. The former helps to find and delete duplicate downloads, files, and other data. It saves you from the trouble of manually looking for duplicate files.

Additionally, the software features ad blocker, VPN, and antivirus monitoring.

You can use the trial version before committing to the software.

  • CleanMyMac X 

CleanMyMax is a popular uninstaller and cleaner application for Mac computers. It removes unwanted downloads, apps, system junk, and other irrelevant data. The software has the ability to find and delete old and large files that are taking up too much storage space.

Additionally, the software features a RAM cleaner that helps to speed up the Mac computer. You even get real-time protection from malware.

  • AppCleaner 

AppCleaner is one of the best options if you are in a hurry. The software uses the convenient drag-and-drop technique for selecting applications and other tasks. So, if you want to delete an application, you simply have to select the icon and drag it onto the AppCleaner window.

  • Advanced Uninstall Manager 

The Advanced Uninstall Manager is a user-friendly, straightforward application that gets the job done. It is an affordable uninstaller that comes with features like system scanning and detecting all the applications that are installed on the computer. You can use the software to quickly and easily remove the apps you no longer need, along with their related files.

What’s more, the software is capable of detecting the applications that open the moment you turn on your computer. You can disable the apps you no longer need via this software and speed up system startup time.

  • BuhoCleaner

BuhoCleaner helps in uninstalling applications and eliminating junk files. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to delete several apps with just a click. You can even use the app to scan and delete files that are left behind by previously removed apps.

The app is also capable of finding duplicate and large files, cleaning junk files, and optimizing the startup.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, third-party uninstallers for Mac are much more advanced and come with fantastic features that make it convenient to remove apps and the files associated with them.

If you are constantly in need of decluttering your computer, using a third-party uninstaller will change your life.