Top 10 Biggest Bull

Do you know which breed is considered the biggest bull on this planet? If not then don’t worry I am here to help you out to know about some of the largest bull species. You will come to know what are the biggest bull size and their body weight. I will also explain to you their habitat and special abilities. All you need to do is stay here and read this very useful information about the biggest bull from various places.

List Of 10 Biggest Bull

I have listed the 10 biggest bull breed names that you can read before going into detail.

  1. Chianina Bull
  2. South Devon Bull
  3. Brahman Bull
  4. Indonesian Simmental Bull
  5. German Angus Bull
  6. Maine-Anjou Bull
  7. Charolais Bull
  8. Parthenaise Bull
  9. Montbeliarde Bull
  10. Belgian Blue Bull

Top 10 Biggest Bull

After knowing the name of the top 10 biggest bull in the world, let’s read further to know more about their general description and their characteristics. 

  1. Chianina Bull

Chianina Bull

Around six feet tall with bodyweight around 1600 kg Chianina Bull is the first biggest bull on this list. This Italian bull has similar to the gigantic biggest bull frog tough skin to survive in hot and cold weather. One more interesting fact about their skin is the color which changes to unique white when they grow into a complete adult.

  1. South Devon Bull

South Devon Bull

South Devon Bull is a very hard-working biggest bull used in farms. This is the strongest bull species which weighs around 1200 to 1500 kg. It grows upto the height biggest bull dog about 4.7 ft to 5 ft and is mostly found in parts of the UK. The special ability of male bulls is as they work their muscles become stronger. Their total body is covered with reddish-brown colored skin.

  1. Brahman Bull

Brahman Bull

The third number in the biggest bull series is Brahman Bull from India. This bull has similar food and water storing ability in its hump just like camel hence called Camel Bull. It can tolerate hot weather conditions and survive easily. This bull grows upto a height of 5 ft or more. It weighs around more than 1000 kg after turning into a complete adult.

  1. Indonesian Simmental Bull

Indonesian Simmental Bull

The Indonesian Simmental Bull is a very famous biggest bull type in Switzerland. It grows upto 5 ft in height and usually weighs around 900 kg or more with general care. This bull is specifically known for its biggest bull frog meat and milk production. However, these biggest bulls need proper care and maintenance regarding their diet and hygiene.

  1. German Angus Bull

German Angus Bull

German Angus Bull is one of the strongest and largest crossbreeds like the biggest bull dog in the world known as Aberdeen Angus and Local German Cattle bulls. This famous bull is known for its high-quality low-fat meat. It is a very calm, quiet, and friendly species of bull and looks beautiful. The height of this heaviest bull reaches upto 5 ft and it weighs around 1200 kg.

  1. Maine-Anjou De Pres Bull

Maine-Anjou De Pres Bull

The next bull is from a French city among the strongest bull in the world called Maine-Anjou De Pres Bull. It has a special ability to grow strong muscles faster than many other biggest bulls. This breed is very useful in farms and fieldwork and stands 5.11 ft tall with a body weight of ar

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ound 1300 kg.

  1. Charolais Bull

Charolais Bull

Charolais Bull is a French bull breed present in Charolais. These bulls have light white colored skin and are a pure bull breed. It is recognized in the world for its finest beef. This bull is used for breeding the best biggest bull shark in the world like a strong bull with other cattle breeds to improve quality and abilities. It weighs in the range of 1000 kg to 1500 kg and reaches a height of more than 4 ft.

  1. Parthenaise Bull

Parthenaise Bull

The best quality milk and meat are obtained from Parthenaise Bull species. It is another biggest bull breed from France known from very earlier years. The height of this bull reaches upto 5 feet or more. And their body weight ranges between 800 kg to 1100 kg. It has very strong bones making it one of the biggest strong bulls.

  1. Montbeliarde Bull

Montbeliarde Bull

Montbeliarde is one of the famous breeds of the biggest bull from France. This bull has a height of upto 4 ft however still weighs from 800 kg to 1200 kg. The male biggest red bull can be used for farming and breeding purposes. And the female Montbeliarde Bulls are used for producing the milk. Most of the dairy products like cheese in France are made out of Montbeliarde breed milk.

  1. Belgian Blue Bull

Belgian Blue Bull

It can be hard for bodybuilders to get muscle definitions but Belgian Blue Bull does it effortlessly. The genetics of this biggest bull in the world Guinness from Belgium makes it one of the most muscular bull breeds. It can be identified easily with white color mostly in adults. This heaviest bull grows upto a height of 4 to 5 ft and has a huge bodyweight of more than 1000 kg.

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What Is The Largest Breeding Bull?


The porcelain-white Chianina is the largest breed of cattle in the world and have short hair that varies from white to steel grey in colour. Bulls are often a darker grey around their front ends. Both sexes have black pigmented skin, including a black tongue, palate, nose, eye area and switch.

Who Is No 1 Big Bull?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, has successfully transitioned from a novice investor to a self-made millionaire. He began with just Rs. 5,000 in capital; over time, his investments have increased to an astounding Rs. 32,000 crores.

Which Is The Famous Bull In India?

India’s Super Bull Yuvraj | Father of 150000 Calves | Price 9 Crores | Maintenance Cost 25000 – YouTube.

Can A Bull Beat A Lion?

In a fight between a bull and an adult lion, a lion would take the lead. Assuming neither animal can escape and it’s a fight to the death, a bull would win. While the adult lion is more agile and speedy than a bull, a bull has more endurance.


After reading the topic of the biggest bull, valuable information was understood. We discussed their habitat, diet, breed types, and many other things in this article. I told you the heights and weights of every biggest bull on the list above. You learned about which biggest bull breeds are good for farming and dairy use. Now you have no doubts left behind and got an overall idea about the biggest bull to add to your farm.

What is the largest bull in the world

What are the 10 biggest Bulls in the world?