Top 10 Biggest Cities In Idaho

Idaho is a famous place to see but having an idea about the biggest cities in Idaho will be more helpful to you. So today I will share with you some of the important cities located in Idaho. You will come to know about the big city of Idaho while reading this article. I will tell you what is the population and area of every city in Idaho and we will discuss further. So let us start with the loss of the biggest cities in Idaho at first.

List Of 10 Biggest Cities In Idaho

Here is the list of the 10 biggest cities in Idaho that you can read quickly.

  1. Meridian
  2. Coeur d’Alene
  3. Boise
  4. Nampa
  5. Caldwell
  6. Fort Hall
  7. Eagle
  8. Robbie Creek
  9. Idaho Falls
  10. Pocatello

Top 10 Biggest Cities In Idaho

Let us now know about some interesting points and informative facts about the 10 biggest cities in Idaho state.

  1. Meridian


On number first, we will see about the Meridian city based in Idaho with a 26.79 square miles area. This place is having a population of more than 100000 local people. It has now been adapting the modern technology and is considered to be among fast developing biggest cities in Montana state. You can visit this place by going to Ada County in the USA.

  1. Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene

Next is the city Coeur d’Alene located northwest of the top 10 biggest cities in Idaho having diverse cultures. This city has a 34.03 square miles area where you will find some part in suburban and some rural places. You will love to see the lakeside views and enjoy picnicking on the beach. It is a densely populated city in Idaho with 55000 residents and visiting tourists.

  1. Boise


Boise is a city in Idaho filled with various tourist and city attractions. This place has zoos, museums, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and many other things in a 36 square miles area. It is considered a populated city having more than 220000 residents. This metropolitan city of Boise, Idaho is also famous by another name Treasure Valley.

  1. Nampa

Nampa city

Canyon County has one of the popular Idaho cities place called Nampa which is a city with an area of 31.19 square miles located in Idaho. There is a huge population of more than 100000 locals residing in this place. It is another city with a metropolitan network with Boise in Idaho state.

  1. Caldwell

Caldwell city

The famous College of Idaho along with the western college is located in Caldwell City. It is from the cities in Idaho by population wise 50000 people residing in it. With an area of 23 square miles is recognized as the largest populated city in Idaho. Many businesses have been shifted to Caldwell City seeking more development.

  1. Fort Hall

Fort Hall city

Fort Hall is a city located in Bingham County with an area covering 35.06 square miles in Idaho. This place has a lesser population as compared to other small towns in Idaho counties. Only around 3000 population was noted in the recent demographics. It is a city located in the southeast part of the US where you can find the Snake River.

  1. Eagle

eagle city

Talking about the snake word you must have thought about Eagle and a fun fact is that Eagle is also a name on the list of cities in Idaho alphabetically series. This place is about 28.92 square miles with a population of residents 26000. However, this place is filled with beautiful green lawns, golf courses, parks, and many other things that you will love to enjoy. The climate is good and silent in this city located in Ada County.

  1. Robbie Creek

Robbie Creek city

With a very low population, Robbie Creek still stands out to be the in the list of biggest cities with fewest breweries in Idaho state. It has an area of 30.09 square miles related to Boise County. This place is located in the calm mountains and creeks. You may find Robbie Creek race competitions and other park adventures to do in Robbie Creek City.

  1. Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a very beautiful city in Idaho having a wide area of 22.35 square miles located in Bonneville County. It has a growing population of more than 60000 residents. This place is the biggest city in Idaho having important education, health, and work systems. You may see Idaho Falls composed of metropolitan and statistical areas making it one of the main cities in Idaho.

  1. Pocatello


For many businesses and career opportunities Pocatello has always been highlighted city in Idaho. This place has a large area of 22 square miles divided between Power and Bannock counties. Pocatello is among the biggest cities in Idaho by population number of 55000 having principal city and metropolitan city integration. This southeast city in Idaho is also famous for its half marathon events.

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What Is Idaho Best Known For?

Idaho is best known for its potato production and is famously known as “The Gem State” for its rich source of gems. However, that is not all. Idaho is also home to a wide variety of landscapes and wildlife.

Is Idaho A Good Place To Live?

Idaho is a majestic hidden gem known for its low cost of living, low crime rate, strong economy, and exciting outdoor adventure scene. Its residents enjoy ample job opportunities, gorgeous nature scenery, and more.

What Is The Most Growing City In Idaho?

Most surprisingly, Nampa proved to be the fastest-growing city in Idaho showing 4.2% growth in population. As of July 2022, Nampa’s population was 110,951.

What Is The Climate In Idaho?

Idaho is one of the coldest regions in the United States of America with an average daily high temperature of only 15 degrees. The climate is varied and offers seasons with strong winters and warm summers. The number of hours of sunshine refers to the time when the sun is actually visible.


You learn about some new places like the biggest cities in Idaho. In this topic, I told you about cities like Boise, Caldwell, Idaho Falls, etc that are large in area. You understood about some interesting places like famous parks, competitions, and many more that are in Idaho. So now you have an overall thought about which biggest cities in Idaho are cool to stay in on vacation.

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