Top 10 Biggest City In Ohio

Your search for the biggest city in Ohio to live in could end here. Today I will tell you about some interesting biggest cities in Ohio that are bigger than your imagination. You will come to know about the population, famous places, etc about these biggest cities in ohio. I will explain to you one by one very important things about the large cities of Ohio. So stay here and read till last to know about the biggest city in Ohio without skipping any points.

List Of 10 Biggest City In Ohio

Let us begin with the list of the biggest city in Ohio mentioned below.

  1. Cleveland
  2. Toledo
  3. Canton
  4. Youngstown
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Hamilton
  7. Columbus
  8. Akron
  9. Lorain
  10. Dayton

Top 10 Biggest City In Ohio

In the following, we will discuss the important things about the biggest city in Ohio like Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and many more.

  1. Cleveland


On number one near the shores of Lake Erie Cleveland is the biggest city in Ohio with beautiful views. It covers an area of 77.7 square miles with a population of more than 380000. You will find Cleveland whats the biggest city in Ohio filled with music history and rock and roll art. It is famous for markets, zoos, museums, and cultural events.

  1. Toledo


The second number is Toledo, also known as The Glass City. This place is filled upto 80.5 square miles in Ohio state and is located in the southern part. You will find more than 200000 people in this list of cities in Ohio alphabetically near the Maumee River. There are many good companies to work for, majorly the automotive industries located in Toledo city due to its industrialization.

  1. Canton


Every football lover must know about Canton what’s the biggest city in Ohio state. This place is known for its best amenities like art centers, restaurants, museums, and many more. It has a 26.1 square miles area but the best thing about Canton is the Pro Football Hall of Fame and national football league. This is the biggest city in Ohio currently with a population of more than 70000 residents.

  1. Youngstown


Many of us love the nightlife and if you seek it in Ohio you should go to Youngstown city. This place of 33.9 square miles is the biggest city in Ohio metropolitan area filled with many good restaurants and bars. It has a population of only around 65000 due to cold temperatures in the winter season.

  1. Cincinnati


Cincinnati covers an area of 77.8 square miles located in the southwest region of Ohio. This biggest populated city in Ohio has more than 303000 people and shares a border with Kentucky. There are many best colleges at the University of Cincinnati along with the famous Xavier University in Cincinnati.

  1. Hamilton


On the sixth number, I have described the biggest city, Hamilton located in Ohio. Hamilton is the biggest city in Ohio by population filled with 63000 people and is covered with 21.45 square miles area. It is the famous biggest city in Ohio for various parks located in forests and dense locations.

  1. Columbus


The biggest city in Ohio is Columbus having a population of around 900000 or more. It is also recognized as the biggest city in Ohio by area spaces covered of 219.2 square miles in the United States. Ohio State University is situated in Columbus, Ohio city with some good colleges in Ohio. It is located in the central part of Ohio, suitable for staying with family.

  1. Akron


If you are looking for a safe city in Ohio with low crime rates then Akron, Ohio is the name you must look for. This big city in Ohio has 61.9 square miles of coverage area and great neighborhoods. It is the largest city what is the biggest city in Ohio manufacturing rubber and tires hence called the rubber capital of the world. This city has a population of around 197000 that of other big cities in Ohio.

  1. Lorain


The area of Lorain City is 23.7 square miles which adds its name to the list of the biggest cities in Ohio. With an Ohio population of 63000, Lorain has more than 70 Nationalities and is recognized as the International City. This is another place in the Ohio cities list located near Lake Erie. However, you can enjoy various activities in Lorain City as well as seek many job opportunities in health services and school.

  1. Dayton


Dayton has a good history in the aviation industry making it the other biggest city in Ohio. With an area of 55.4 square miles Dayton, Ohio has a population of more than 140000 people. There are many interesting museums, parks, and art centers to visit in Dayton City. You will find out the special University of Dayton with some best schools for kids and teenagers.

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Is Ohio Good Place To Live?

A microcosm of the U.S. in a single state, Ohio represents the best of what our country has to offer: an amazing mix of affordability, quality of life, diverse industry, diverse communities, natural beauty, and a dynamic hub for innovation, culture, sports, education, and economic growth.

What Is Ohio Famous For?

Ohio: The Buckeye State, Birthplace of Aviation, and Heart of it All. Ohio is known for Cedar Point, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Pro Football Hall of Fame. For a day in nature, visit Hocking Hills. Ohio’s inventions are the phonograph, gas-powered automobile, golf balls, and Superman

What Is The Climate In Ohio?

Central Ohio experiences a humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and generally cool to cold winters. Compared to rest of the country, precipitation in Ohio is moderate, and relatively consistent year-round.

What Is The Richest City In Columbus?

New Albany is one of central Ohio’s richest cities. Located roughly 18 miles northwest of Columbus, this city was originally established as a farming community.


We learned about the biggest city in Ohio like Columbus, Cleveland, and many others. I told you about the population of the largest cities in Ohio. You came to know 10 names of the biggest cities coming under Ohio state municipal corporations. I shared with you some famous interesting facts about Ohio with some big cities. You go to the biggest city in Ohio to live in the future.

What’s the top 10 biggest cities in Ohio