Top 10 Biggest City In Vermont

Today let us read about the biggest city in Vermont in this article. Here I will tell you everything important about the biggest cities in Vermont. I will explain to you about Burlington, Rutland, etc which are famous Vermont cities. You will come to know about how big the city is and what the current population residing in the Vermont state cities. So without making any delay let us first begin with the biggest city in Vermont list further.

List Of 10 Biggest City In Vermont

Here I have mentioned a list related to the 10 names of the biggest city in Vermont state.

  1. Rutland
  2. Burlington
  3. Winooski
  4. Newport
  5. South Burlington
  6. Essex Junction
  7. St. Albans
  8. Barre
  9. Montpelier
  10. Bennington

Top 10 Biggest City In Vermont

After reading the list let us know about the top 10 places as the biggest city in Vermont with the largest area and population given below.

  1. Rutland


Rutland is a famous city in Vermont known for its ancient buildings registered under the national register of historic places. This city is populated with around 16000 people and has an area of 7.54 square miles covered commonly known whats the biggest city in Vermont Rutland County. You will love to stay in the peaceful environment of Rutland and can enjoy traveling in the green mountains on holidays.

  1. Burlington


Next is Burlington City located near the coast of Lake Champlain. This city covers an area of 10.31 square miles and has a Burlington, Vermont population of about 45000, however many tourists visit this beautiful city. It is fun to enjoy the activities like boating, swimming, and many more while staying in Burlington, Vermont.

  1. Winooski


Winooski is a populated area as compared to other Vermont cities by population as it has over 8000 people residing. But the interesting fact about Winooski is the 1.43 square miles that come under Chittenden County. You will find a history of cedar trees and wild onions behind the name of Winooski City. It is located near the Champlain Valley with a list of 251 Vermont towns where you can see Lake Champlain and the green mountains.

  1. Newport


Next is the city in Vermont with a population of over 4000 persons called Newport. It is located near the eastern coast of Lake Memphremagog. This place shares part of Orleans County’s list of cities in Vermont alphabetically with a total area of 7.63 square miles. It is the biggest city in Vermont symbolized by a logo of a steam ferry boat with a history of water transportation. You can enjoy your vacation in Newport City having many tourist attractions.

  1. South Burlington

South Burlington

South Burlington is the completely different biggest city in Vermont with the name of Burlington. This place is populated with more than 20000 persons and has a big area of 10.49 square miles. However, it is linked with burlingtonvermont zip code by the means of roads and bridges. People around this place make a better living by reducing carbon emissions making it a healthier environment to stay.

  1. Essex Junction

Essex Junction

Vermont state has another biggest city in Vermont by population known as Essex Junction with a good population of more than 10000 residents. This place is filled with various schools, parks, and clean buildings. Essex Junction City has a 4.57 square miles good environment for living with the family and for working businesses.

  1. Barre


Barre is the perfect place to find a residential house in what is the biggest city in Vermont with good amenities and facilities. This city has a population of 8000 or more people with a wide area of 3.95 square miles. It has a well-known history for the granite industry and is named as Granite Capital of the World.

  1. Albans


Within Franklin County St. Albans is the largest city in Vermont with a population of more than 6000 locals. St. Albans is the biggest city in Vermont state located on the northwest side of Vermont with an area around of 2.03 square miles. This place was called to be Railroad City due to its railroad history. You can enjoy the annual Maple Festival organized in St. Albans by participating in food contests, sap races, etc.

  1. Montpelier


Area wise Montpelier what’s the biggest city in Vermont just like Burlington covering 10.05 square miles overall. However, Montpelier, Vermont city still has a low population of around 8000 or more. It is recognized as the capital of Vermont and is known for producing wool. You can watch out for various historic and cultural attractions in Montpelier City.

  1. Bennington


A very calm and beautiful place to live in is Bennington. It is a city with an area of about 4.83 square miles located in the southwest part of Vermont state. This place is having big trail system for cross-skiing and mountain bike riding. More than 8000 people stay in this biggest populated city in Vermont filled with most of the Americana culture and history.

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Where Do Most People Live In Vermont?

Settlement patterns. Most Vermonters live in valley cities and towns. Burlington, in the Champlain valley, is Vermont’s largest community, followed by Essex, near Burlington; Rutland, in the Otter valley; Colchester, just north of Burlington; and South Burlington.

Is Vermont A Good Place To Live?

One of the Safest States in America – Vermont has such low crime rates; it’s consistently at the top of the charts for safety. This makes it a great place for families, retirees and pretty much anyone looking for a secure and safe place to live.

Is Vermont A Beautiful State?

This famously sparsely populated state is covered in rolling green hills, all of which seem to have clear mountain streams, lakes, and tiny villages huddled around them. (God forbid you visit during the height of fall, when the red and gold foliage makes the scenery almost painfully beautiful.)

What Is The Main Product Of Vermont?

Vermont is traditionally known for dairy, maple syrup, apples, and cheese—a history we are extremely proud of, but you’d be surprised and impressed to know that we excel at so much more! Vermont has about 75 farmers markets throughout the state and is the national leader in maple syrup production.


I described informative data about the biggest city in Vermont. In this article, you read about various places like South Burlington, Winooski, Newport, etc. You understood the population and area wise which is the largest city in Vermont. I told you some interesting facts about some big cities in Vermont state. Now you have got an overall idea about the biggest city in Vermont with all doubts cleared.