Top 9 Biggest Hamster

Have you ever tried to notice the size of the biggest hamster present in the world? If not then don’t worry, today I have brought for you this interesting article on the biggest hamster species. Here you will understand the types of largest hamsters, their measurements, and many more. I will tell you about their habitat and social behavior as well. So all you have to do is read this beautiful information on the biggest hamster topic.

List Of 9 Biggest Hamster

Below I have described the list of the 9 biggest hamster names.

  1. Syrian Hamster
  2. European Hamster
  3. Winter White Hamster
  4. Teddy Bear Hamster
  5. Campbell Dwarf Hamster
  6. Roborovski Hamster
  7. Chinese Hamster
  8. Turkish Hamster
  9. Romanian Hamster

Top 9 Biggest Hamster

I will describe to you in detail the 9 biggest hamster species that you might see for the first time.

  1. Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster

First I will start with the most commonly known as the biggest hamster in the world the Syrian Hamster. Its length is about 5 to 7 inches long and its body weight is from 85 to 150 grams. Syrian hamsters can stay alive for around 3 years on average with proper food and care. The other popular name for the biggest Syrian hamster in the world is the Golden hamster due to its body color. You will find this wild hamster species active mostly in the nighttime.

  1. European Hamster

European Hamster

Next is the European Hamster among the heaviest hamster ever recorded animals. It is found in most parts of Eurasia, Belgium, Russia, and the Altai Mountains. It is also called a Eurasian Hamster as found in the native grasslands. This biggest European hamster size weighs up to 430 grams and has brown fur on its body with some white patches. It is known as a black-bellied hamster due to its unique black color marking on its chest and belly region.

  1. Winter White Hamster

Winter White Hamster

A cute biggest breed of hamster type with 45 to 50 grams of body weight called the winter white hamster is another biggest hamster. This animal has different names like a Siberian hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, etc. It can stay alive for upto 12 months in forest areas. The unique feature of these big hamster breeds is their white color which changes according to winter weather. It has dark color-striped markings on its upper body. Their nature is friendly and social but can get scared easily.

  1. Teddy Bear Hamster’

Teddy Bear Hamster

The Teddy Bear Hamster is another name for a Syrian hamster species with more long hairs. It is completely similar to the Syrian hamsters related to behavior and other activities. The hair and fur of this largest hamster like a teddy bear make it look more fluffy than other hamsters. It can stay alive for 2 to 3 years easily in the world’s biggest hamster cage with a good diet and care. There are different colors like golden, brown, striped, and so on available in teddy hamsters.

  1. Campbell Dwarf Hamster

Campbell Dwarf Hamster

The Campbell Dwarf Hamster is the largest species of hamster Danganronpa belonging to the Phodopus genus just like winter white and Siberian hamsters. It got the name after the famous Charles William Campbell who discovered this hamster species first. This species of biggest hamster weighs around 27 to 30 grams. It lives up to 2 or more years and is found mostly in the summertime. This hamster grows around 7 to 9 cm in length as an adult.

  1. Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski Hamster

On number six there is a special hamster breed found in the desert known as Roborovski Hamster. It is mostly found living in deserted areas of Central Asian countries. This species grows upto 4 to 5 cm long and weighs upto 20 to 25 grams. Another common name for Roborovski Hamster is Robo Dwarf Hamster. The biggest hamster cage in the world should be 450 squares as per the Roborovski hamster guidelines. The adult Roborovski Hamster can stay alive for 2 to 3 years easily. Let us see one more desert hamster.

  1. Chinese Hamster

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese Hamster is another type of biggest hamster ever found in the deserts of China and Mongolia. It can be easily identified because of its long tail, unlike other hamsters. This hamster is considered a rodent as it belongs to the Cricetulus genus. An adult Chinese Hamster grows around 3 to 4 cm long and weighs around 35 to 45 grams. It can stay alive for 2 to 3 years in the desert. The body of the Chinese Hamster is long and thin which makes them intelligent hamster species.

  1. Turkish Hamster

Turkish Hamster

With a body weight of 170 grams, the Turkish Hamster looks chubby and fat as compared with other hamsters. This Turkish Hamster species grows upto 15 cm long. It has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years and is similar to the Syrian biggest hamster breed species. This hamster is a wild animal and hence considered less social with humans. They have big cheek pouches in which they carry large food easily. It is one of the world’s biggest hamster breeds found in most parts of Turkey and Armenia however becoming one of the distinctive animal species.

  1. Romanian Hamster

Romanian Hamster

A famous worlds biggest hamster from places of Romania and Bulgaria is the Romanian Hamster. As an adult, the Romanian Hamster has a body weight of around 80 to 100 grams. This is considered one of the distinctive hamster species and hence rarely found. It belongs to the Cricetidae family. Their body is short and stout with short legs and tail. It has furry ears and wide feet which makes it look more like a rodent hamster.

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How Big Is A Giant Syrian Hamster?

The size of adult animals is around 6 in (15 cm) long, with a lifespan of 2–3 years. Body mass is usually in the range of 100–150 grams (3.5–5.3 oz), but Syrian hamsters from private breeders can be in the range of 175–225 grams (6.2–7.9 oz).

How Big Do Robo Hamsters Get?

About Two Inches Long

Robo hamsters stretch about two inches long and weigh around an ounce. At birth, they’re less than an inch long. They reach maturity at around 2 months old.

How Big Do Russian Dwarf Hamsters Get?

Around 4 To 12cm Long

Dwarf hamsters will grow to be around 4 to 12cm long, depending on the type. Roborovski hamsters are the smallest of the three.

How Big Are Chinese Hamsters?

Chinese hamsters grow to between 82 and 127 mm in body length (tail length 20–33 mm) and weigh 1.7 grams at birth, then as they get older can weigh 30–45 grams. Males have a fairly large scrotum relative to their body size.


Now you have come to know about the biggest hamster present in the world. I told you about the different hamster species and types in this article. You understood the body weights of the different biggest hamster breeds. I explained to you the description of the hamster’s behavior, body color, fur, etc. And by the end of this topic of the biggest hamster your all questions were answered.

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