3 Biggest Jalapeno

Jalapeno peppers are a popular ingredient in many dishes, from tacos to salsa to poppers. While most jalapenos are relatively small, some have been known to grow to impressive sizes. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the biggest jalapenos ever recorded.

List of Top 3  Biggest Jalapeno 

These all Biggest Jalapeno are 

  1. Kevin Nicks’ Giant Jalapeno
  2. James Nienhuis’ Giant Jalapeno
  3. The World’s Largest Jalapeno Pepper

Top 3 Biggest Jalapeno 

Let us now know about the above-mentioned Biggest Jalapeno

  1. Kevin Nicks’ Giant Jalapeno

Kevin Nicks

In 2018, British gardener Kevin Nicks grew a jalapeno pepper that weighed in at 3.8 ounces and measured 6 inches long. The pepper was so large that it had to be supported by a wooden stake to prevent it from breaking off the plant.

  1. James Nienhuis’ Giant Jalapeno

James Nienhuis' Giant Jalapeno

In 2012, horticulturist James Nienhuis grew a jalapeno pepper that weighed 1.8 ounces and measured 5.5 inches long. While not as large as some of the other peppers on this list, it is still an impressive size for a jalapeno.

  1. The World’s Largest Jalapeno Pepper

The World's Largest Jalapeno Pepper

The Guinness World Record for the largest jalapeno pepper ever grown is held by Joel Pace of Texas. In 2010, he grew a jalapeno pepper that weighed 0.93 pounds and measured 8 inches long. The pepper was so large that it had to be supported by a wire cage to prevent it from breaking off the plant.

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How Big Is The World’s Largest Jalapeño?

General Information: The largest jalapeño, these peppers measure as much as 5 in. (13 cm) long!

How Big Can Jalapeno Peppers Get?

The jalapeño pepper is a medium-sized chili pepper. Mature jalapeños are 2 to 3 inches in length and are typically picked and consumed while still green. Occasionally, they are allowed to fully ripen and turn red in color.

How Big Do Mammoth Jalapenos Get?

Capsicum annuum. (F1) The plant produces heavy yields of huge 4 ¾” long by 1 ¾” wide Jalapeno hot peppers.

What Is The Best Large Jalapeño?

As their name suggests, these are a large variety; they can grow to around five inches long and almost two inches in diameter, making them excellent as a popper pepper. They deliver 1,000 to 5,000 SHU, putting its floor, again, below the standard level of jalapeño heat.


In conclusion, while most jalapeno peppers are relatively small, there are some that have grown to impressive sizes. From the record-setting jalapeno consumed by Matt “Megatoad” Stonie to the world’s largest jalapeno grown by Joel Pace, these peppers are a testament to the power of nature and the dedication of growers. Whether you prefer your jalapenos small or super-sized, they are sure to add a spicy kick to any dish.


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