Top 10 Biggest Private Jets

If you have become curious to know about what are the biggest private jets then you have come to the right place. I am here to explain to you some beautiful private jet planes that are available in the world. You will come to know about the features and comfort of the largest private air jets. I will tell you about the private jet model names, the designs, and technologies used in the making, etc. So without making any delay let us begin with today’s article on the biggest private jets quickly.

List Of 10 Biggest Private Jets

I have mentioned a list of names of the 10 biggest private jets present in the world.

  1. Airbus A340-300 Private Jet
  2. Bombardier Challenger 850 Private Jet
  3. Boeing 767-33A/ER Private Jet
  4. Boeing Business Jet 2 Private Plane
  5. 747-400 Boeing Jet
  6. Boeing 767-277 Private Jet
  7. Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet
  8. Airbus 319 Private Jet Plane
  9. Boeing 747-8i VIP Jet
  10. Bombardier Global 8000 Plane

Top 10 Biggest Private Jets

Below I have described the top 10 biggest private jets that are owned by most of the rich people around the globe. Further, you will come to know the designs, technologies, and many other important things related to private jet planes.

  1. Airbus A340-300 Private Jet

Airbus A340-300 Private Jet

The most unique Airbus A340-300 Private Jet is known for its luxury and comfort. It is among the biggest planes owned by Alisher Usmanov with a size of more than 200 ft in length. This largest airbus jet can carry 440 passengers easily. The actual price of this best private jet for international travel was around $240 however it was customized at the heavy price of $450 million in Russia.

  1. Bombardier Challenger 850 Private Jet

Bombardier Challenger 850 Private Jet

Private airplanes like Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet are a complete package of leather and stylish designs to give you a lavish experience. It is a mid-size private jet with a length of 88 ft making it one of the biggest compact private jets. On this jet, around 10 to 14 passengers can travel with comfort. You will like to know the biggest private jet price is $40 million for the modular kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, and many other luxurious spaces.

  1. Boeing 767-33A/ER Private Jet

Boeing 767

The third number is the Boeing 767-33A private jet used by Roman Abramovich to fly great football players. This is a Russian private jet filled with various luxuries and interior comfort. However, it was from the biggest private business jets crafted with a built-in defense system for safety. So without any hesitation, 300 persons can onboard and travel freely. This private jet is priced at $170 million making it one of the best-transporting planes.

  1. Boeing Business Jet 2 Private Plane

Boeing Business Jet 2 Private Plane

Boeing Business Jet 2 private plane is more spacious with a dining area, resting lounges, and some business rooms. The plane’s length is about 129 ft long and 78 passengers can be boarded it. The cost of this private jet is ranging in between $70 million to $80 million. The owner of this super plane who owns the biggest private jet in the world is India’s one of the richest people Mukesh Ambani.

  1. 747-400 Boeing Jet

747-400 Boeing Jet

The series 747 in Boeing Gulfstream largest private jet plane in the world just like Boeing 747-400 is curiously designed. It was customized for a Royal Prince’s wish by using 24-carat gold worth more than $100 million. It can carry about 300 plus passengers for a tour of the biggest private jets with ease. The size of this is around 230 ft in length equipped with luxury golden seats and bathrooms which had grabbed the attention of many minds.

  1. Boeing 767-277 Private Jet

Boeing 767-277 Private Jet

Boeing 767-277 Private jet was the biggest private jet for sale and was purchased by the online method which created history all over the world. This plane was customized with extra legroom for the basketball players to relax comfortably after an intense match. It is a compact private jet on which 290 passengers can enjoy their wonderful journey. The cost of the Boeing 767-277 owned by Mark Cuban is around $144 million and increased after its customization.

  1. Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet

Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet

Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet is the most suitable private plane for many businessmen, celebrities, and rich persons around the globe. It is among the 99ft long biggest private jets in the world to travel easily from one place to another. This plane costs around $42 million however still with great comfort and luxury experience. In this private jet owned by Oprah Winfrey, you will get soft leather seats, a well-lighted interior, and many other interesting features.

  1. Airbus 319 Private Jet Plane

Airbus 319 Private Jet Plane

The bigger is better same is with the Airbus 319 one of the widest private jets of all time. This jet travels at speed of 514 miles in an hour constructed by the biggest private jet companies with 30 comfortable passenger seats. It is customized with a personal full bar and luxurious dining space The two Turbofan cruising engines on the biggest fastest private jets mounted to the wing pylon can easily cover the distance over 5000 miles long journeys.

  1. Boeing 747-8i VIP Jet

Boeing 747-8i VIP Jet

A perfect example of a business class private jet plane for corporate business deals is Boeing 747-8i VIP Jet. These planes are the biggest private jets inside with a length of 250 ft and have very good space in which 467 persons can travel easily. It is one of the biggest private jets that has a beautiful interior structure. You will be amazed after knowing the Boeing 747 private jet price which is around more than $300 million.

  1. Bombardier Global 8000 Plane

Bombardier Global 8000 Plane

Other than the Bombardier Global version is the biggest private jet Bombardier Global 8000 plane. This 110ft long private jet is made to carry around 15 to 19 persons. It is one of the non-Boeing and non-Airbus classes of private jets with biggest windows to travel with good performance in all weathers. The price of this private jet starts at around $79 million with luxurious spaces and rooms being the first to pass the sound barrier at their highest speed.

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Does Mukesh Ambani Have A Private Jet?

Mukesh Ambani also owns a Falcon 900EX private jet. It comes equipped with luxurious entertainment systems, personal satellites, music systems and wireless communications. When it comes to performance, the jet can attain a maximum cruising speed of 440 kmph and has a range of 4,500 nm.

Who Has 10 Private Jets In India?

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal, 33, defied cancer to launch her own aviation-based startup and now she is the proud owner of 10 private jets. JetSetGo is first aircraft leasing organization in India and the company handles around 1,00,000 fliers.

Does Virat Kohli Owns A Jet?

Virat Kohli
But with the support of many brands, Kohli gets a lot of income and salary from central contracts. Virat and his wife Anushka Sharma traveled by private jet when the Indian team visited Australia and New Zealand. According to reports, his plane cost him $6.1 million.

What Jet Does Ambani Have?

He owns a total of three private jets. The three jets, Airbus A319, Falcon 900EX, and Boeing Business Jet, are known to cost around ₹100 crore. The Boeing Business jet has several luxurious facilities like a game console, satellite television, a music system, a master bedroom, a bathroom, etc.


The information about the biggest private jets was really interesting to read. Where we first discussed the names of the largest private aircraft in the world. I told you the cost, length, and many other things about the 10 biggest private jets. You learned about the interior designs, comfort, and luxury features provided in these biggest jet planes. I described to you the interesting facts about various biggest private jets customization and modification.

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