Top 10 Biggest Shoe Size

Finding the perfect biggest shoe size is a difficult task for people with long feet. You would like to know the largest size of shoes available in the world. I will explain to you some of the biggest pairs of shoes used by males and females around the globe. You will come to know the size of the biggest shoes and other measurements. So let us start to read about the biggest shoe size and learn more interesting facts about it.

List Of 10 Biggest Shoe Size

Below I have listed the top 10 biggest shoe size measurements you might read for the first time.

  1. Shaquille O Neal 
  2. Tanya Herbert
  3. Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez
  4. Robin Lopez
  5. Carl Griffith
  6. Eric Kilburn
  7. Julie Felton
  8. Robert Wadlow
  9. Igor Vovkovinskiy
  10. Kevin Durant

Top 10 Biggest Shoe Size

Let us know who owns the biggest shoe size and length of their enormous large feet.

  1. Shaquille O Neal

Shaquille O Neal

Who doesn’t know about Shaquille O Neal he is one of the tallest and biggest people who has the biggest shoe size in the NBA. The size of Shaquille’s shoes is around 22 to 23. However, similar to him, a basketball player named Tacko Fall also wears 22-size shoes. Let us move further to know about a woman holding the biggest size of shoes.

  1. Tanya Herbert

tanya herbert

Tanya Herbert holds a title in the Book of Guinness world records for the largest feet in the female category. She has a right foot of 1.08 feet and a left foot of 1.06 feet. Her requirement for the biggest foot size shoe is solved by wearing the US 18 shoe size for women. And sometimes she finds 16 to 17-size men’s shoes comfortable to wear.

  1. Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez

Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez

With big 26 sizes what is the biggest shoe size in the world worn by Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez has the biggest men’s shoe. Jeison’s Both feet measure more than 1.30 feet in length, where the right foot is slightly smaller than the left. George Wessel is a professional shoemaker of 37aa shoe size in cm who stitches shoes for Jeison Orlando.

  1. Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez

A player of the Milwaukee Bucks center basketball team Robin Lopez is another person to have 20-size shoes. This professional basketball player has a twin brother who is also a member of the basketball team and has the same largest shoe size in NBA history to wear. His brother Brook is 7 feet tall and wears 20-size green shoes.

  1. Carl Griffith

Carl Griffith

Carl Griffith from the UK has the biggest shoe size in the UK with 21. He had to suffer many injuries related to his toes due to his long foot. Carl loves to stay in socks rather than the biggest shoe in the world to feel more comfortable. In his childhood, his shoes always had holes in the toe area due to his long toes and fingers.

  1. Eric Kilburn

Eric Kilburn

On number seven of what’s the biggest shoe size is the Eric Kilburn with shoes of 22 to 23. Eric had to face difficulties in his teenage years when he couldn’t find a perfect pair of shoes for himself. Eric has a height of 6 feet and 10 inches making his feet look long compared to other tall people.

  1. Julie Felton

Julie Felton

Until 2019 the Guinness world record for the largest feet woman was held by Julie Felton. She has 18-size woman shoes to wear along her long feet. As very rarely the 18 size of what is the biggest shoe size available in women hence Julie wore 16 size man shoes.

  1. Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow was the tallest man to have the biggest shoe size in the world with 37aa shoe size in inches. This man has a foot 1.54 feet in length. His shoes were the biggest size and he needed the brace support for the legs. He was also known as the Giant of Illinois with the biggest feet in the world male and stood 8 feet and 11 inches tall as per the world records.

  1. Igor Vovkovinskiy

Igor Vovkovinskiy

Igor Vovkovinskiy was around a 7-foot-tall person who required 24-size shoes to wear. However, he was one of the tallest men in America with the biggest shoe size ever who collected 200 pairs of shoes. Igor got his perfect size 24 10E tennis shoe manufactured by the Reebok brand.

  1. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Another famous basketball player Kevin Durant needs the biggest shoe size in NBA sports with an 18-size shoe. He has a height of about 6 feet and 10 inches. Kevin wears Nike Zoom KD13 shoes and finds them comfortable while playing his professional basketball matches.

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Is A Size 9 Shoe Big?

The average shoe size for men is between 9 and 12, with sizes above 12 considered large or above average.

Is A Size 10 Feet Big?

In dress shoes, it seems as 11+ is considered large. 13+ is considered XL+. 9.5–10.5 is considered average.

What’s The Most Popular Shoe Size?

The most common shoe size in the US is 10.5, and the size increases as your height increases.

What Is Normal Shoe Size?

It has been estimated that the average global shoe size among adults is 9-12 for men and 7-9 for women (both US sizes). In the United States the average shoe size for men is believed to be 10-11, while the average shoe size for women is roughly 9 (again, both in US sizes).


What we read about the biggest shoe size was beautiful information that you didn’t know before reading this article. I told you about some large shoe sizes that you might see very rarely. You came to know persons having long feet who require customized big-sized shoes. I explained to you about some people holding the world record for having a large shoe fit. So now you do not have any other questions on the biggest shoe size after reading it.

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