Top 10 Biggest Tiger

Today let us find out about the biggest tiger breeds in the world. I will explain to you some heaviest tigers found in different places like Indonesia, Russia, China, etc. You will learn about the body measurements and weights of these big-size wild cats. I am going to share with you some interesting points about the biggest tiger so wait here and read it till the end.

List Of 10 Biggest Tiger

Here is the list of the biggest tiger names that we will read quickly. 

  1. Sumatran Tiger
  2. Indochinese Tiger
  3. Ngandong Tiger
  4. Bengal Tiger
  5. Siberian Tiger
  6. Javan Tiger
  7. Caspian Tiger
  8. Malayan Tiger
  9. South China Tiger
  10. Bali Tiger

Top 10 Biggest Tiger

Now I will explain to you the top 10 biggest tiger species that are massive in size so let us start.

  1. Sumatran Tiger

sumatran tiger

Let us start with Indonesia where the  Sumatran Tiger lives. This big-size tiger is scientifically known to be Panthera tigris sumatrae with a body weight of more than 260 pounds. There are close and doubled black stripes on the biggest species of tiger body around 7 to 12 feet in length. This huge tiger has been conserved through many zoos and parks worldwide.

  1. Indochinese Tiger

indochinese tiger

The Indochinese Tiger is the endangered species of the biggest tiger in the world found in parts of Southeast Asia. This big wild cat is called Panthera tigris corbetti with its scientific name. It has a body length of 7.5 feet to 9.5 feet long and weighs around 220 to 450 pounds. The color of this tiger appears to be orange or golden sometimes with some white patches under the abdomen region.

  1. Ngandong Tiger

Ngandong Tiger

The third number is the biggest tiger ever recorded that has come to extinction is the Ngandong Tiger found in the Sundaland region. Panthera tigris soloensis is the scientific name given to this 10 feet or long tiger. It weighed more than 800 pounds as compared to other big-size tigers.

  1. Bengal Tiger

bengal tiger

In the top 10 biggest tiger in the world list, the next feline is popularly known as Bengal Tiger. It is a species called Panthera tigris tigris and is found in the forested areas and wetlands of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Bengal tiger size ranges up to 10 feet long with its tail having black to brown striped markings on its yellow to the orange colored body. Bengal tiger weight is up to more than 500 pounds and its roar reaches upto 2 miles range.

  1. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Another big tiger 10 feet long is the current biggest tiger ever is Siberian Tiger. In the family of Panthera tigris altaica, this heaviest tiger species is commonly called the Amur tiger. It grows in the range of 8 to 11 feet long and the biggest Siberian tiger weighs up to 660 pounds. You will see these endangered species of tiger in the areas of Russia, China, and North Korea.

  1. Javan Tiger

Javan Tiger

Javan Tiger is of what is the biggest tiger in the world that came to extinction and was found in the tropical islands of Java and Indonesia. Panthera tigris sondaica is the scientific name given to this largest tiger of 330 pounds. This large tiger had a size of around 8 feet in length and ate animals like wild boars and rusa deer. The main reason behind the extinction of such tigers was deforestation, hunting, and unavailability of food.

  1. Caspian Tiger

Caspian Tiger

Among the biggest tiger breeds the Caspian tiger is known for what is the biggest tiger with a massive weight of around 550 pounds. This more than 8 feet long size tiger could be found in the areas of Iraq, Mongolia, Turkey, etc. Another name for the biggest tiger ever killed is Panthera tigris virgata which now is on the list of extinct species.

  1. Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tiger

In the regions of peninsular Malaysia where one of the biggest breeds of the tiger is Malayan Tiger still lives. There are a rare number of the worlds biggest tiger species in Malaysia being spotted with a huge size of 9.5 feet long and weighing around 260 plus pounds. It has a scientific name as Panthera tigris jacksoni however it is still an endangered animal. Malayan tigers remain isolated except during breeding seasons living in tropical forests.

  1. South China Tiger

South China Tiger

South China Tiger is named after the biggest tiger species found in the regions of southern China like Hunan, Fujian, Jiangxi, and so on. This is now a critically endangered species of tiger called Panthera tigris amoyensis scientifically. You can measure their body size as 8 feet long and weigh in the range of 260 to 400 pounds.

  1. Bali Tiger

Bali Tiger

On number tenth is Bali Tiger scientifically being the other biggest tiger called Panthera tigris balica. This is the biggest tiger species extinct that feed on wild pigs, deer, monkeys, etc. It had a body weight of around 200 pounds or more. This 7 feet long biggest tiger shark in the world stayed on the Indonesian island of Bali. It had a bright white tiger stomach and dark orange fur with black stripes.

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You must have enjoyed reading about the biggest tiger breeds in this article. I told you about the measurements of the largest tigers like their sizes and body weights. You understood which are the endangered and extinct largest tiger species in the world. I explained to you different places where you will find long-size tigers. So now you know general things about the biggest tiger in the world. 

Who is the biggest tiger in the world

What is the largest tiger in the world?