What Are Creepshots: Meaning And Explanation

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Does it not feel creepy when someone watches you with a weird look? Whether on a bus, a train, or even in a mall it is really very uncomfortable. Let’s find out what is the meaning of creepshots then. 

What Is Creepshots?

Creepshots are photos that a man takes of a female that too without even the consent. The creepshots are not the normal photos. These photos are usually of a woman’s cleavage, back, butt, and even legs. Think it can be about any part of a female body that she is not comfortable being clicked that to never without consent. Technology adds a part to it like devices spy cameras, camera pens, and now even spy classes. You will also find some websites that are made to share creepy shots only.

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Origin Of The Term Creepshot

In 2009 the term was first read and talked about when on Twitter a picture was uploaded where a person was taking a photo without the consent of the person whose photo was clicked. 

As time went the creepshots became photos that had more sexual application. 

For example, a man takes a picture of a woman’s butt or cleavage when she is bending for buying vegetables. These photos are also shared on some social media sites.

In 2011 CNN journalist Anderson Cooper participated in a forum creepshot on Reddit. The same year searches related to creepshots spiked on Google which grabbed many eyes on this term. 

A Canadian sex educator took the lead to bring creepshot into the conversation in 2016 July. This arouses a conversation about privacy on social media

The concern related to creepshots when off limits when a man posted an image of a naked woman who was in a gym bathroom.

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Where creepshots were about the attractive person and went to be taking sexually appealing pictures it can be also used to shame a person. Although creepshots are also famous by some photographers who take pictures of random people walking around. Creepshots also rise a concern related to right of privacy in public and in personal space. Also, note that this information is just for knowledge and is for pure information purposes.


Who Takes Creepshots?

Any man or woman takes creepshots. It can be anything or any part of a body, especially of women. Mostly the creepshots now are taken for the sexual appealness and satisfaction.

Why Do Men Take Creepy Shots?

There is no specific answer to this question but as per some study, it is found that men enjoyed taking pictures and also thought it was harmless to do so.

Is It Legal To Take Creepshots?

Creepshots can be a part of laws and rules that fall under privacy although the person is crossing their limits by taking creepshots.