What Is A Delta Chant?

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What Is A Delta Chant?

Chants have long been a cherished tradition in various cultures and communities around the world. They serve as powerful expressions of unity, identity, and pride. In the realm of sororities, one iconic chant that resonates with sisterhood and empowerment is the Delta Chant. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of Delta Chants, their origins, and the impact they have within Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The Delta Chant: A Symbol Of Sisterhood:

Delta Chants are rhythmic vocal expressions unique to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., one of the oldest and largest African American Greek-lettered sororities. These chants are an integral part of the sorority’s culture and serve as rallying cries, bonding tools, and affirmations of sisterhood.

Origins And Purpose:

The Delta Chant tradition traces its roots back to the early days of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., founded in 1913 at Howard University. Chants became a way for members to unite their voices, celebrate their sisterhood, and express their collective values and aspirations. Over time, these chants have evolved and diversified, reflecting the changing times and the experiences of Delta Sigma Theta members.

Unity And Empowerment:

Delta Chants embody the spirit of unity, strength, and empowerment. They serve as powerful reminders of the sorority’s founding principles: sisterhood, scholarship, and service. Through the rhythmic repetition of lyrics and synchronized movements, Delta Chants create a sense of solidarity among members and instill a deep sense of pride in their affiliation.

Building Connections And Traditions:

Delta Chants play a significant role in fostering connections among Delta Sigma Theta members across generations. They serve as a link between past and present, connecting sisters through shared experiences and a common bond. These chants are often passed down from older members to new initiates, preserving the sorority’s traditions and strengthening the sense of sisterhood.

Expression And Identity:

Delta Chants provide a unique platform for self-expression, allowing members to celebrate their identity, heritage, and shared values. They often incorporate elements of African American culture, including call and response patterns, hand movements, and choreography. By embracing and promoting these cultural elements, Delta Chants contribute to the preservation and appreciation of African American traditions.

Impact And Beyond:

Beyond the sorority’s internal dynamics, Delta Chants have a broader impact. They are performed at various events, including chapter meetings, conferences, and public gatherings, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation. Delta Chants not only uplift and energize members but also inspire others by showcasing the power of unity, resilience, and community engagement.


Delta Chants hold a special place within Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., representing the deep bonds of sisterhood, unity, and empowerment. Through rhythmic vocal expressions, Delta Chants create a sense of community, honor the sorority’s history, and celebrate African American culture. They serve as powerful tools for connection, self-expression, and identity affirmation, shaping the experiences of Delta Sigma Theta members and leaving a lasting impact on those who witness them. The Delta Chant tradition exemplifies the power of collective voices and the strength of sisterhood, reminding us of the importance of unity and solidarity in fostering positive change.

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What Is The Delta Sigma Theta Chant?

You Can Not Slide in My Sorority

‘ This chant is used to show pride in the bright women of the sorority and their faith. Additionally, it sings the praises of the women that join.

What Is The Delta Prayer?

Delta! With glowing hearts we praise thee, For the strength thy love be stows, For the flowing graces of they Sisterhood, And the pow’r that from it flows. Keep in us a strong endeavor, And our should to rapture raise. Delta lights the flame, and ever Warms our hearts her bond to praise.

What Noise Does Delta Make?

In Ancient Greek, delta represented a voiced dental plosive IPA: [d]. In Modern Greek, it represents a voiced dental fricative IPA: [ð], like the “th” in “that” or “this” (while IPA: [d] in foreign words is instead commonly transcribed as ντ).

What Is The Delta Oath?

I, (name in full), do hereby affirm and declare that I am desirous of achieving membership in Delta Tau Delta Fraternity; that I will devote my time and talents for her betterment; that I will obey her rules and regulations and respect her name; and that I will wear her pledge badge with pride and humility.


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