What Is Elite Smash?

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For enthusiasts of the Super Smash Bros. series, the term “Elite Smash” holds a special place, representing a competitive milestone within the game. It stands as a prestigious arena where top-tier players converge, striving to attain and maintain a coveted status. Let’s delve into the world of Elite Smash and what makes it a pinnacle for Super Smash Bros. players.

What Is Elite Smash?

Elite Smash is an exclusive online matchmaking mode within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo’s iconic crossover fighting game. It serves as an elite tier accessible only to players who have showcased exceptional skill and proficiency with specific characters in online battles.

Accessing Elite Smash

Players earn entry into Elite Smash by achieving a high Global Smash Power (GSP) with individual characters. GSP is a numerical representation of a player’s skill level with a specific character in online battles. When a player’s GSP crosses a certain threshold, typically varying based on the character’s popularity and overall player base, they gain access to Elite Smash for that character.

Challenges And Competition

Once in Elite Smash, players engage in battles against similarly skilled opponents. The competition within this tier is notably fierce, featuring matchups against formidable adversaries who have also demonstrated mastery with their chosen characters.

Benefits Of Elite Smash

  • Prestige: Attaining Elite Smash status signifies a player’s prowess and dedication to mastering a particular character, earning recognition within the Super Smash Bros. community.
  • Skill Development: Engaging in battles against skilled opponents in Elite Smash offers an opportunity for players to further refine their techniques, adapt to different playstyles, and enhance their overall gameplay.
  • Community Engagement: Elite Smash serves as a hub for dedicated players, fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about honing their skills and engaging in high-level gameplay.

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Maintaining Elite Status

Remaining in Elite Smash requires consistent performance and maintaining a high GSP threshold. Players must continuously adapt and improve their gameplay to prevent dropping out of this prestigious tier.

The Evolution Of Elite Smash

The criteria for entry into Elite Smash have evolved since the game’s release. Initially, GSP thresholds were relatively lower, but with continual updates and adjustments by Nintendo, the requirements have become more stringent, reflecting the increasing skill levels of the player base.


Elite Smash stands as a testament to the dedication, skill, and competitive spirit of Super Smash Bros. players. It represents a pinnacle achievable only by those who have exhibited exceptional mastery with specific characters, offering a platform for intense battles and continuous improvement within the vibrant and passionate community of Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts.


Can You Get Knocked Out Of Elite Smash?

Once the character is in Elite Smash, the only way to get it removed is by losing several matches, or not playing for a while. Another player who also plays Donkey Kong can pass the player in GSP, thus kicking them out of Elite Smash.

What Percentile Is Elite Smash?

While the metric for getting into Elite Smash isn’t definitive, it seems like the player must be in the Top 10% of players who play that character online. So if they want to be in Elite Smash for Donkey Kong and there are over 10,000 Donkey King players, they need to have a higher GSP than 1000 other players.

What Is The Ranking System In Smash?

Direct, GSP is a version of an Elo rating system that ranks all players’ scores on a numeric scale, with the number being related to how many players that player outranks. For example, a player with a rank of 251,357 would have a better score than 251,356 other players.

What Is Global Smash Power?

Edit. Global Smash Power (GSP) is the new ranking system that has been put into effect for certain solo modes of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. The player’s rank number is based on the number of people they’ve outscored instead of the number of people better than them.

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