Is Social Catfish Legit? What are Its Alternatives?

Ishaan Rathi

Is Social Catfish Legit

Ever thought is social catfish legit and what is it exactly? Have you ever thought you could know every detail about a person before they tell you anything about them? Let us find out what is the connection between knowing someone and social catfish and whether everything you heard about social Catfish is legit or not.

What Is Social Catfish?

What Is Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an online platform that is investigation-based and helps its users to be aware of fraud and scams. Social Catfish has its website and app that allows you to have a background check about a person that includes information such as name email ID, username, and even contact details. Not only this it also runs reverse image searches. They say they are specialized in determining whether the person you are looking at is also socializing with fake IDs on other sites or not. It offers the service paid and free but it gives access to very little information.

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Is Social Catfish Legit

Yes, Social Catfish is a Legitimate site and offers social investigation services. It does background checks on social searches like the names, email IDs, and contact details. It is one platform that helps you investigate someone including their identity and contact details. If you want to use the full benefit of the service you need to pay some service charge to them.

Although Social Catfish has been proven useful to many users as they get peace of mind knowing about the person they are dating or in contact with. But it cannot be a foolproof reliable application. 

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What are Social Catfish Free Alternatives

What are Social Catfish Free Alternatives

There are some more sites like Social Catfish and I have listed them below.

  • SearchPeopleFree
  • PimEyes
  • BeenVerified
  • CocoFinder
  • US Search
  • FastPeopleSearch
  • Spokeo
  • USPhoneBook
  • ExpertKs Reverse Phone LookupNumLooker
  • TruthFinder
  • Spy Dialer
  • ZabaSearch


This was all about Is Social Catfish Legit and yes it is. It can help you get information about any person and you can use it to save yourself from various scams. It is very necessary and important to stay alert when using online social media sites.


Is Social Catfish A Reliable Site?

Yes, Social Catfish is a legitimate and safe site as it keeps the safety and privacy of the users as the main priority.

What Does Social Catfish Tell You?

Social Catfish tells you about the person about whom you want to know. It helps you to avoid online frauds especially romantic scams as it gives you online verification for the identifications.

Is Social Catfish Hard To Cancel?

No, you can easily cancel Social Catfish you just need to log in to your account and click on the drop-down menu preceding going in the plan and billing option to cancel it.

Is There A Fee For Social Catfish?

Yes, Social Catfish has a free as well as it charges a fee for background check although it depends on the plan you choose. The free service gives a minimal background service like name and email ID but when you opt for paying then it will also reverse look.

Is Social Catfish Free

Yes, Social Catfish has a free as well paid service but in the free service you will get only the basic report like name and email ID but when you opt for paying then it will also reverse look.